Tournament match rod GRAND PRIX


Length: 13' 10" Casting weight: 150 - 200 grams

Weight: 955 grams Rings: Fuji BMNAG

·Bigger, stiffer, manlier-type of jobs require a rod normally associated for big hitters and heroes. Well this is the one, but it does have a ‘fishing tip’ and superb steely butt that, when combined, will have a reserve of power throughout its length that is available when you really need it.

So, if it’s a nasty day with the elements in your face and you need to up the power, go for it. If it’s a beautiful day, wind behind you and the sea’s flat as a dab, then let the rod do the work. This rod is not for the faint hearted and can't be used by anybody.

It is definitely one of our northeast anglers favourite rods,·as well as those south wales angles where the ledges and grounds of Barry and Aberthar are home to this rod. Barry’s top match man and shop owner Ray Christo has put the rod through its paces,

over their unforgiving area and coastline, catching congers rays and hounds.

This is the sort of rod that is capable of landing just about anything that swims. It’s a rod designed to do just one thing. A single-minded rod for what is probably the most extreme form of sea fishing in the UK.

It doesn't matter if it’s cod from the rocky shoreline of the north east, or fishing for large eels in the Bristol channel. If you fish in those sorts of locations you will need a rod that will give you a fighting chance of landing what you hook. And this is the rod.

The Anyfish Match, like the Tournament Match, is the tournament version of an already popular rod. But the Tournament Match Grand Prix gives you more usable power and greater range. It should also

make dragging big cod through kelp that little bit easier and that little bit safer.

Fishability wise means this rod is stiff, but has the flexibility to cast bigger baits but need less power. This is because the whole rod does the work. It enables all forms of casting, including ground casting and this is for pumping fish without pulling the hook. All our rods are built for purpose so this can be used as a tournament or fishing rod for rougher ground.

The Tournament Match Grand Prix can also be used as a clip and whack it rod, with 3 clipped down baits for distance. It may be powerful but it’s still user-friendly and if you need to give it more, you can.






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