Four & Bait multiplier rod


Length: 13' Casting weight: 125 grams + bait

Weight: 570 grams Rings: Fuji BNOG

This rod is available in our new and improved models as a mk2 version and at 13 and 14ft. We have designed the Four&Bait primarily for lighter beach fishing, when the requirements of a 6oz lead, clipped and whacked are not the order of the day.

Due to its weight, or lack of it, it can be used as a bass rod and hand-held as well as being put in a rod stand. It has a lovely soft tip, which will allow the use of soft baits, but is also an ideal rod for larger baits at shorter distances e.g. bass in the surf. As a lighter beach rod it is also ideal for longer and lighter rigs given the opportunity.

MULTI - Depending on your preference of reel up or reel down, the multiplier on the 13 and 14ft versions is accompanied by a sliding reel seat with x wrap on the butt section and is fitted with Fuji BNOG rings and made in 2 equal sections

This rod is certainly not for the 30lb straight through type of angling on to heavy rough ground, but a rod for the more gentler area of coastline where sand and shingle (and probably mud) are under foot.

Think estuary rolling surf and this the rod for you as with the Six&bait the Four&bait has also found its place in foreign climes. It has been a true winner in Italy for bream and bass bringing catches into double figures, and also in NZ and Australia for kings and grouper well in excess of 10 lbs. As you can see our chaps in Italy Christiano Tadliarro with this suberb brean and bass. Nice beaches!

This rod is the best rod at its price point in the UK and foreign waters if you have pictures your catches on these rods please let’s see them!






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