International rod


Length: 15' Casting weight: 30 - 125 grams

Weight: 660 grams Rings: Fuji BSVOG

This is one of our most specialist and specialised rods. Its not for everybody, and with good reason. A 3-piece rod designed primarily for the use of light leads and long rigs.

An International rod for international fishing!

Its for fishing at range for lots of smaller fish, around UK home waters, or more likely, much further afield. The International wasn’t designed solely for distance but for specific angling situations. Being 15 feet in length, it enables you to cast rigs with bodies of over 12ft whether clipped or flapping.

But distance is something it will give you! Its designed and suited to ground style casting, where slow build ups of power enable smaller leads to go silly distances with ease.

You can use fixed spool or multiplier reels

with braid if required. The international is for match anglers, light specialists and anyone who wants a predominately lighter, contonental style fishing with predominately fixed spool reels.






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