Blue label rods


14' Six & Bait mk2 multiplier


14' Six & Bait mk2 fixed spool


15' Six & Bait mk2 fixed spool


13' Six & Bait mk2 multiplier


15' Six & Bait mk2 multiplier


13' Six & Bait mk2 fixed spool


14' Four & Bait mk2 multiplier


14' Four & Bait mk2 fixed spool


13' Four & Bait mk2 fixed spool


13' Four & Bait mk2 multiplier

Our blue label rod series has very quicly established itself as a new UK STANDARD in beach rod design and performance. These rods offer acceptional performance both in terms of casting AND fishing at a price point that makes them very accessable. They also offer sea anglers a road map into the sport, allowing many anglers to learn thier own watercraft and skills before progressing on to more specialised forms of sea fishing. Having said that however, we hear stories all the time from anglers who bought a six&bait as thier 'first proper rod' thinking that they

would use it for one season and then upgrade, only to completly fall in love with it, and now wouldnt change it for the world. All of our blue rods are designed to be easy to use and will give you class leading casting and fishing peformance. They WILL catch you fish, weather thats cod off the north east coast, or whiting from the shores of Kent. They do also however, offers anglers a difficult choice: fixed spool or multiplier? Not such an easy choice anymore, and from the numbers of rods we sell every year, its now about 50/50 on most uk beaches!





PRO series an all new professional standard in sea fishing rods




red rods high performance, match & tournament winning sea fishing rods




blue rods the UK's favourite range of sea fishing rods




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