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Your Guide to the Best Travel Fishing Rods in the UK 2024

It takes some planning and consideration of the alternatives and fish you believe you could encounter on your travels to select a travel rod for anglers who prefer to travel lightly and carry a fishing rod in their luggage wherever they go. We looked at a wide range of rods and came up with a ton of options to think over, in addition to some excellent suggestions for the fishing rods that we would recommend for various travel and fishing scenarios.

For the passionate angler, the call of the open water is ever-gift, even whilst you're at the circulate. Whether you are exploring faraway desolate tracts or jetting off to unique locations, packing a travel fishing rod opens doors to endless aquatic adventures. But with a vast array of options available, choosing the best travel fishing rod UK 2024 can feel daunting. Worry not, intrepid angler! This guide will equip you with the knowledge and insights to select the perfect travel companion for your next fishing expedition.

An Overview Of Travel Fishing Rods UK In 2024

Travel fishing rods are mainly designed to disassemble into more than one section for compact garage and easy transportation. Unlike their full-period counterparts, they offer the convenience of becoming in suitcases, backpacks, or maybe deliver-on bags, making them perfect for touring. However, they arrive in various lengths, movements, and strength rankings, catering to diverse fishing patterns and target species.

A spinning travel rod can be your best bet if you intend to fish with a light line and lures. A long telescopic rod would be more useful if you intend to primarily fish for large bluegills or crappies on your trips, or a tiny spinning rod similar to a trout rod might offer you a variety of trout and panfish possibilities.

To fish certain areas, such as jigging brush for crappie or casting large swimbaits for trophy bass and stripers, specialty rods like travel swimbait rods or extra-long jigging rods may be the perfect solution. 

Types Of Best Travel Fishing Rods

Before selecting any travel fishing rod, it is important to remember that this is not an exhaustive list, and specific recommendations depend on individual needs and budget.

Major Craft Crostage Travel Rod (4-piece)

This rapid-motion rod excels in saltwater lure fishing, boasting top notch casting distance and electricity in a compact package. Built with tremendous carbon blanks and bolstered with Fuji courses and reel seat, it provides incredible overall performance and sturdiness.

Savage Gear SG4 Travel Rod (4-piece)

A flexible choice for spinning reels, the SG4 capabilities a mild-movement blank that works well with a number of lures and techniques. Its light-weight design and durable creation make it a dependable tour partner, appropriate for freshwater and saltwater fishing.

HTO Nebula Travel Rod (2-piece)

This unique 2-piece travel rod offers the flexibility and sensitivity of a one-piece rod with a compact size for journey. Constructed from excessive-modulus graphite, it boasts exquisite strength and casting performance, making it a great desire for experienced anglers focused on larger fish.

Penn Squadron III Travel Saltwater Spinning Rod (5-piece)

Gear up for saltwater adventures with this 5-piece travel rod. Featuring a medium-heavy power blank and corrosion-resistant components, it tackles tough saltwater conditions and handles a range of lure weights and fish species.

Westin W4 Light Spin Travel Rod (4-piece)

Designed for light lure fishing in saltwater environments, the W4 boasts a fast-action blank and high-quality components for precise presentations and fighting finesse species. Its light-weight layout and compact size make it ideal for traveling anglers searching for a committed saltwater journey rod.

What Are The Key Factors to Consider When Buying Travel Fishing Rods?

  • Length: When assembled, journey rods typically range from 5 to 8ft in height. Shorter rods offer superior portability but might limit casting distance. Consider the dimensions of the fish you're focused on, the fishing environment (tight areas or open regions), and your casting choices.
  • Action: The action refers to the flexibility of the rod blank under pressure. Fast-action rods bend primarily at the tip, offering superior sensitivity and excellent lure control for precise presentations. Moderate-action rods have a more even flex throughout the blank, providing a balance between sensitivity and power, ideal for a broader range of techniques and fish species. Slow-action rods bend deeply throughout the blank, offering excellent shock absorption for fighting larger fish and absorbing sudden strikes.
  • Power: The power of a rod refers to its ability to handle the weight of lures and the fighting power of fish. Ultra-light power rods are perfect for light lures and finesse fishing of smaller species. Soft power suits most freshwater applications with lures up to 3/8 oz. Medium power tackles heavier lures and handles larger freshwater fish. Medium-heavy and Heavy power rods are better suited for saltwater fishing or targeting large freshwater predators.
  • Material: Travel rods are primarily constructed from graphite or composite materials. Graphite rods offer advanced sensitivity and lightness, making them perfect for lure fishing. Composite rods are more low-cost, durable, and forgiving, making them a very good choice for novices or anglers targeting larger fish.
  • Number of Pieces: Travel rods typically are available in 2-piece, 4-piece, or 5-piece configurations. More pieces offer greater portability but might compromise overall rigidity and sensitivity compared to fewer pieces.


Always check fishing regulations in your travel destination to ensure compliance with licensing and species restrictions. This includes knowledge of any restrictions on length, catch limits, closed seasons, and using precise bait or tackle. Invest in a versatile tour rod which can take care of more than a few fishing patterns and goal species. This minimizes the need to pack multiple rods and simplifies logistics. 

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