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Keeping it simple

At Anyfish Anywhere, we passionately believe in sea angling in all of its many forms, both in the UK and around the world.

Since taking our passion full time in 2004, we’ve been fully committed to producing the best possible range of rods for you to enjoy the maximum performance from. 

We design our rods around three very simple questions, because there really is no need to over complicate. 

What do you want to catch?

The first question on every anglers mind.

How do you want to fish?

Whether you are a pleasure angler, club angler, specimen hunter or match angler, we’ve thought about your needs and designed a rod to suit.

Where do you want to fish?

Extremely important and will dictate the other two questions.

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We’re sea anglers first and foremost, so we understand not only the angling challenges but also the everyday angling reality of all sea anglers.