Our ambassadors are internationally recognised match anglers, tournament casters and big fish hunters who've been using our rods for over 18 years. We don't pay for opinions or promotions. They all choose Anyfish because our rods have helped them catch more fish, it's that simple.

All seven are magnificent in their own way, they all live and fish in different parts of the UK and have fished with and against Jules for 30 years.

They represent left handed, right handed, reel up & reel down angling. This feedback improves our rods and gives them all the knowledge to answer any questions honestly.

Most importantly, they're approachable, helpful and geuniune people.

Jansen Teakle

"I have worked in the angling trade for 18 years, I have access to all of the big brands and I’m very fortunate to be in that position.

I could choose to fish with anything, as one of the perks of such a job is being able to buy tackle at a discounted price. I choose to fish with Anyfish Anywhere rods and have done so since 2013.
I fish with their rods because they suit my fishing, and it’s as simple as that. To reiterate that point - I have access to all major brands, at a discount, and choose AFAW over anything else. That’s my preference.

I like the fact that Julian uses his own products (at national level might I add) to very good effect and doesn’t just promote AFAW during the week and fish with another brand at the weekend…

I have know Julian for 25 years and recognise his passion for his products and what he does. He recognises that as a guide on the Bristol Channel, I am in a position to recommend a brand to my clients and so passes some rods my way at a discount. This also means that my clients have the opportunity to borrow any of the red label rods during a guided session, so it really is a win-win for everyone. I never have and never would endorse an item of tackle that I don’t have absolute faith in, it’s just not me."

Dai Llewellyn

"I am extremely honoured to represent and be recognised as part of the Anyfish team.

Internationally established as a professional custom rod builder with my own successful business Angling Ambition Custom Rod House. I am more than familiar with the quality and procedures required to manufacture world class products and back it up with a superb service, and Anyfish do exactly that.

My relationship began when I was asked to build the successful 'Remastered' range of rods. Since then my involvement in product testing and promotion has given me such incredible insight to just how meticulous Jules and Ian are with their work, not to mention their dedication and commitment to the growing mass of customers past and present. With Jules being one of the all time best match anglers in the UK and an extremely talented rod builder, he makes sure every element of every rod gets put though its paces over and over again until the required parameters are met to suit the exact specifications in regards to the chosen model. This to me is fundamental to why I choose to fish with Anyfish day in day out.

Regionally I have several decades of successful match angling in Wales, along with a  specimen hunting, casting and pleasure fishing to validate my credentials for my place within the team. You only have to look at the huge list of world class international anglers that have fished with Anyfish over the years which speaks more than any words could describe.

In essence, I love to fish, compete, cast and work with Anyfish Anywhere, I have complete trust and confidence in the products they sell and more importantly to me I enjoy using them. As an angler, a business owner and an individual that's part of the community, Anyfish have my backing ten times over."

George Smith

"I've been fishing for over fifty years and match fishing since I was thirteen, when I was a member of the Dover sea angling club.

I learned a lot and enjoyed every minute. Later on I moved up to Grimsby, where I went to a fishing college "yes commercial" where I learnt how to mend and make nets amongst other things. Living in Grimsby meant I had not only the Humber estuary where I learned flounder and eel fishing, but I also had the Lincolnshire and Holderness coasts where I learnt how to catch cod, whiting, ray's, hounds and bass. The coast line up here, as you know, keeps changing due to erosion and therefore over the many years I've been here I’m  still learning to catch fish on these venues even now. The good thing about living here is it’s a nice location in the middle of the country and only a few hours drive from either coast line.

I'm a match angler through and through. From a twenty peg match to a thousand plus match anywhere in the country, I fished them all. It doesn’t matter if you’re a match angler or someone that goes fishing once a week, you’re learning all the time. I’ve been lucky enough to have won some of the biggest opens in the country. I’ve won the Master’s twice, the Penn Sea League three times and the Penn Sea League Final once. I’ve also represented my country for over 30 years and I still love it.

I've known Julian for over 30 years too, when he was just starting out in custom rod building and we’ve been very good friends ever since. I've helped him develop some of Anyfish's iconic rods in the early days and now those in the new range. The team he has on board have all got something different to offer as you can see, but we all love fishing and we’ll all answer any questions which is very important for new anglers”.

Andrew Dugdale

"Coming from a fishing family I started fishing from a very early age, both pleasure and competition fishing. Living on the Isle of Man meant not only did I have beautiful scenery but fantastic fishing, whether it be on the beach rock out crops open beaches or piers and what ever the weather we could find somewhere to get out of the wind and rain and fish! I loved catching pollack and Huss and then trying my luck when the big tope arrived in the early summer but it was the competition fishing that I found a real passion for. Luckily for me my father was a match angler and mentored me through the early years of match fishing, and in his words “I’ve taught him all he knows…but not all I know". 

I’ve been lucky that I have competed and won some very prestigious matches over the years. Winning at home is key whatever sport so managing to win the Ramsey Angling Festival against not only my own local competitors but against some of the best from the mainland was a huge feat. Backing it up by winning the Anyfish Anywhere 2 day open in Llandudno which for me is the highlight of the match calendar was certainly the icing on the cake and has propelled me forward toward some international caps. I have been fortunate to fish in the England team on numerous occasions now and during the 2019 Home Internationals in Ireland I brought home gold!

My relationship with Anyfish started many years ago when I purchased a pair of the original tournament rocks which were ideal for the kind of medium to rough ground fishing that we get in the Isle of Man. After trying many other brands I chose Anyfish because not only do they suit my style of casting and fishing but the blanks were very consistent which is very important when match fishing. I’ve been fortunate to be part of the Anyfish team for a number of years after taking over from a great match angler Mark Quirk as the Isle of Man representative who helped develop some early Anyfish models.After witnessing the passion, dedication and meticulous effort that goes into developing these rods I have confidence in the brand and I know that the rods will perform at the highest level. "

Roy Tapper

I have now fished for 5 decades since my grandfather took me fishing at a young age and I caught a solitary silver eel that got me ‘hooked’. We used to fish together once or twice a week and after a few years joined Rumney Sea Angers which was a local thriving club that taught me so much and my passion for match fishing started. I have match fished for almost 40 years and have fished competitions all across the UK/Ireland and also whilst representing Wales at International level.

I also developed a passion for pleasure fishing abroad, especially Fuerteventura which I visit a few times a year targeting large fish. These days I tend to mainly match and pleasure fish in The Bristol Channel which I believe has some of the best fishing in The UK with 10kg bags of fish regularly not winning matches. 

I have used Anyfish Anywhere rods since Julian formed The Company and the range of rods are ideal for fishing in The Bristol Channel. Rods are a tool to me and I'm known for not looking after anything. This is why Julian regularly sends me rods during their development to see if I can break them, which has unfortunately gained me the nickname of 'The Anyfish Anywhere Dark Destroyer'. Julian says if the rod survives a few weeks with me it is ready to go!

The current range of Anyfish Anywhere rods are the best yet, with The Tournament Rock Remastered being my go to rod for the harsh terrains and rocky venues in the Bristol Channel. This year the rod has landed: Conger Eels, Smoothounds and Blondes Rays between 17lb and almost 20lb. I have also landed incredible fish abroad on the rods including several stingrays over 150lb in Fuerteventura. Please get in touch if you need any advice on using the range in The Bristol Channel.


Saul Page
Owen Moyle