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Length: 14’
Casting Weight: 175 – 200 grams (Optimum: 175 grams)
Type: Fixed Spool & Multiplier

Includes: Two equal sections, non-parallel butt, custom rod bag, reducer, original Heavy Shrink Wrap & butt cap.

This is a C curve progressive blank, no frills, no fast tip and specialised butt. It just feels like a single piece rod.

This is a powerful blank which bends. It’s not about its rigidity, it’s about being able to load the whole 14’ length of carbon and then releasing the power during the cast. You must be in touch with the lead all the way through this cast, letting the rod self load and do the work.

For a fixed spool, the size of the reel and its placement makes a huge difference when selecting ring sizes and spacings. The breaking down of coils with more rings and smaller rings is far quicker than with high stand off rings. Please use our suggested spacings as a starting point when talking to your rod builder about the build.

For multipliers, our spacing suggestions are for low standoff rings which are better at following the contours of the blank,  more important are the number of rings and how they are spaced in the tip.

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